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Coni Longden-Jefferson

Branding • Copywriting • Content


Coni is a writer, content creator and brand strategist from London and the co-founder of Thea. Like our tone of voice and Instagram account? That’s all Coni. She spends a lot of her time rallying people around reproductive rights and body politics with a side of intersectional feminism and patriarchy smashing.


Tamara Sredojevic

UX design • Brand strategy


Tamara is a UX designer from France, brand strategist & co-founder of Thea. She works with anyone willing to make a change for women's rights, accessibility and social justice. An active member of the indie maker community, she likes to mentor people starting in tech. Like our site? She made it with Laura.


Laura Sinisterra

UI design • Brand design

Clo S.

UX research • UX design

Natalia Albin

Graphic design • Social media

Greg French

Graphic design • PR strategy

Gabi Badila

Software engineering

Cristina Delgado

Illustration • Animation

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